Birdman of India: Dr. Salim Ali

Dr. Salim Ali (1896-1987) was born on November 12, 1896 and is regarded as the Birdman of India for his contributions in the field of ornithology, avian biodiversity and conservation. He was probably the only person who had travelled to all the obscure regions of India and its neighboring countries (Indian Subcontinent). He spent his life for the birds of his land. He has written several famous books on birds. some books are:

  1. The Book of Indian Birds.
  2. Indian Hill Birds.
  3. The Birds of Sikkim.
  4. The Birds of Kutch.
  5. The Birds of Kerala.
  6. Field Guide to the Birds of the Eastern Himalayas.
  7. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan.
    Dr. Salim Ali

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