This Institute has a well qualified, experienced and student-friendly faculty having a Ph.D. degree and Research experience with research publications in several national & International Journals. The IZFS has all basic infrastructure of higher learning in various fields of Zoology, Wildlife Science and Ichthyology.

This institute provides following facilities to its students:

*LIBRARY: Knowledge is power, more than natural resources, more than cheap labor, more than financial capital. Knowledge is becoming the key factor of production sector and thus Library is the perfect source of all kinds of knowledge. A library is supposed to be the soul of any institute and books are the real friends of any individuals for learning.
The institute has a rich library including 600+ books along with several journals, magazines related to Zoology, Wildlife and Fishery Science.
Some important books available in the library are:

Freshwater Biology – L. G. Willoughby
A Textbook of Applied Aquaculture – Hosetti and Kumar
Prawns of Japan and the World – Chiaki Koizumi
A Textbook of Fish Diseases – Amlacher
Cold Water Fisheries of India – Jhingran and Sehgal
Fish Culture – V. Satyanarayana
An Introduction to Fishes – S. S. Khanna
Fish and Fisheries – Yadav
Tropical Fisher Products- K. Gopalkumar
Fishes of UP and Bihar – Srivastava
An Introduction to Fishes – S. S. Khanna
A Textbook of Fishery Science and Indian Fisheries- C. B. L. Srivastava
Introduction to Biophysics – P. K. Banerjee
Biophysics: An Introduction – Rodney Cotterill
Essentials of Biophysics – P. Narayanan
Basic Biophysics – Daniel
Lehninger’s Principles of Biochemistry – Nelson and Cox
Principles & Techniques of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – Wilson and Walker
Fundamentals of Biochemistry (4e) – Voet, Voet and Pratt
Biochemistry (5e) – Stryer
Illustrated Biochemistry – Harper
Fundamentals of Biochemistry – Jain
ABC of Clinical Haematology – Drew Provan
Histology – Stevens and Lowe
Microbiology – Pelczar, Chan and Krieg
Cell and Molecular Biology – De Roberties
Molecular Biology of The Gene (7e) – Watson
Molecular Biology – Lodish
An Introduction to Embryology – Balinsky
Chordate Embryology – Verma and Agrawal
Chordate Embryology – Ravi Prakash and P. C. Jain
General Endocrinology – Turner and Bagnara
Essentials of Pathology for Dental Students – Harsh Mohan
Principles of Genetics – Gardner, Simmons, Snustad
An Introduction to Genetic Analysis – Suzuki, Griffith, Miller and Lewontin
Genes XII – Lewin
Genetic Engineering – Setlow
Introduction to Genomics – Lesk
Genetics – P. K. Gupta
Biological Instrumentation and Methodology – P. K. Bajpai
Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation – Khandpur
Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates – G. C.Kent Jr.
Vertebrates: Comparative Anatomy, Function and Evolution – Kardong
Theory and Practice of Animal Taxonomy – V. C. Kapoor
Evolution of the Vertebrates – Edwin H Colbert
A Textbook of Medical Physiolgy – Guyton and Hall
Medical Physiology – Gannong
Human Physiology – C. C. Chatterjee
Plant Physiology – Taiz
Plant Biochemistry – Heldt
Plant Physiology – Hopkins
Animal Behaviour – Reena Mathur
The Vertebrate Body – Alfred S Romer and Thomas S Parson
Vertebrates – Donald Linzey
Biology – Raven
A Textbook of Zoology Vertebrates – Kotpal
A Textbook of Zoology Invertebrates – Kotpal
Textbook of Invertebrates – Parker and Haswell. etc.

*The Institute has Internet and Wi-Fi facilities.
*CCTV Surveillance. *Fire Extinguisher Available
*24/7 Electricity Facility with Inverter and Solar System.

*Cycle/Motor Cycle Stand with CCTV Surveillance.
*Laboratory Facility.
*Safe and Pure Drinking Water (Kent Pearl) For Students.
*Audio-Video Systems for Learning (Desktop, Laptop,  Projector etc.)

*Educational Tour (Excursion Tour) facility to develop  Scientific Interest among students.
*Weekly Test Facility.
*20 Students Per Batch.
*Hindi and English Medium.
*Easily approachable, situated between Motihari Railway  Station and M. S. College Road.